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How do I appeal a server ban?

Ban appeals are handled by TitsRP. If you have been banned from the server you have the option to appeal on our forums under Ban / Warn Appeals subforum

Can I appeal a warn?

Yes, you can appeal a Warn using the template in the Ban / Warn Appeals section of our forums

I found a rulebreaker, how do I report them?

We have a subforum dedicated to player reports at

How do I roleplay as (x) job?

Using the search function on the Knowledge Base, type the name of the job for helpful tips and guides

What is a Custom Class?

Custom Classes are player-owned jobs that are unique to them. Players can customize weapon loadouts, playermodels and more. For more info on Custom Classes search “Custom Class”

How do I get a custom playermodel added?

For detailed information on how to add playermodels, search playermodels