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The boombox has always been a staple of my favorite DarkRP servers. Unfortunately, when YouTube ended support for flash in 2017, DarkRP as we knew it changed forever. To listen to music on most server you need to be on a development branch for it to function. For most players that is not necessary, and fortunately we were able to get things working again, although with some limitations, as of right now you can still stream music with your friends on the server.

This tutorial will be on how to use the boombox on TitsRP, and also how to stream direct .mp3 links in the event YouTube decided to take a dumb on us once again.

How to search for a track

Finding music is pretty simple. Purchase your boombox from the F4 menu under the ENTITIES tab.

With the search tab open, either type a track name or paste a direct .mp3 link and press ENTER

We will store your most recently played tracks in the “View History” tab as well as any tracks you favorite in the “View Favorites” tab. Radio stations and live streams are also available to stream 24/7.

Did you know you can mute boomboxes?

If ogGAMER69 likes to play ram ranch outside your base for three hours, you can disable all sounds from his boombox by clicking his name in the Tab Menu and selecting “MUTE BOOMBOX”

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