Our focus has always been to create a server where anyone with a potato could join and have a positive experience. If you’re experiencing performance issues such as lag, rubber-banding, crashes, etc. we will go over the different reasons why that would happen and what you can do to fix it!

If you are not experiencing any of these performance issues but see missing textures or errors, search “Missing Textures or Errors” in the Knowledge Base for more accurate information


Lagging can be caused by so many issues. Some of the most common reasons why you would be experiencing lag are:

  • Your home internet connection is slow
  • Your physical location is extremely far from the server
  • You are exceeding the limits of your processor or GPU
  • Server maintenance
  • Malicious attacks

Any of these issues could cause lag. The most common being either you are exceeding the limitations of your processor or graphics card or your physical location is extremely far from the server.
Our server is located in Dallas, Texas.

Fix Lag

  • Make sure hardware meets or exceeds the minimum requirements
  • Check Discord or forums for scheduled maintenance
  • Check console (~) for any errors and report them to a Superadmin

Some players report lagging, crashing or poor FPS on the development branch of Garry’s Mod. Since x64 is under active development, random issues can surface at any time.
Opt out of any beta branch before trying the solutions above.


This occurs when latency is very high. Players (or yourself) will appear to move in one direction or another, then quickly “snap” back to a previous location you were just a few seconds ago. Rubber-banding can be super annoying but in most cases it can be fixed. In rare cases, attacks such as DDoS or botnet style attacks can cause rubber-banding.

Fix Rubber-banding

  • Switch from a Wi-Fi connection to Ethernet (hard-wired)
  • Ask your ISP to check if your network is optimized for gaming
  • Check your router or modem or any connecting cables for damage
  • Check forums of Discord for scheduled maintenance or attack reports
  • Reinstall Garry’s Mod


Crashing can be super annoying. Here are some of the most common reasons why you could experience client crashes:

  • You’re running a development build (x64 or Chromium)
  • You have modified files in your Garrysmod folder
  • You have snagged a workshop addon that corrupted your game
  • Another server has modified gamemode files, corrupting your client
  • You’re exceeding hardware limitations (see minimum requirements)
  • Broken playermodel or weapon has been added to the the workshop
  • Your client has filed to download the required files from the server

Fix Crashes

  • Opt out of any development or “beta” branch of Garrysmod
  • Reinstall Garrysmod
  • Unsubscribe from all workshop addons
  • Check minimum requirements
  • Quit Garrysmod and reconnect
  • Delete the following folders in \common\GarrysMod\garrysmod
    • Addons
    • Downloads
    • Downloading
    • Cache

If none of these solutions fix your crashes, there may be an issue on our end. We constantly monitor the forums and Discord for reports of players crashing. Sometimes it can be as simple as a broken playermodel or weapon, in which case we will remove the content, restart the server and the crashing should stop.

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