Every base must be accessible by anyone with any type of raid tools. One way to increase security is to use Fading Doors. Every fading door must have 2 keypads, one inside and one outside. The Fading Door hold time must be a minimum of 5 seconds.
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Building Your Base

First, choose a prop for your walls and then choose a prop to use for your fading door.

Select the Fading Door Tool

Select the Fading Door tool. Uncheck “Toggle” unless you want your door to stay faded until you close it manually (not recommended).

Select a Fade Key. This is the Key you will press to make your door open. Make it a key you do not use often, such as NumPad keys if you have them.

Apply the Fading Door tool to your door prop by left clicking it.

Test out your fading door by pressing your Fade Key. If it fades until you release the key then continue. 

Select the Keypad Tool

Select the Keypad Tool and configure it with the following settings:

  • Tick Secure Mode
  • Set Hold Length to 5.00 (5 seconds)

Set your Access Password, a 4 digit pin to unlock your door

With Secure Mode enabled, this password will not be visible to surrounding players as you enter it.

Place two keypads

Place two keypads, one on the inside and one on the outside. Alternatively, you can use a button on the inside instead of a keypad but this is less secure. You can not use your “Fade Key” during a raid so make sure you have access inside and outside.

Tip: If you forgot to check Secure Mode, anyone can see your Access Code as you type it. 

Tip: You can type in your code faster by hovering over your keypad and using the NumPad to enter the numbers.

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