Sugar Dollars (often used interchangeably with “Suga Dollas”) are a premium in-game currency. Sugar Dollars can be used to purchase almost anything in the server. Sugar Dollars have a much higher value than DarkRP cash, so it is perfect for large player-to-player trades, Custom Classes and weapon & playermodel perms.


The main way Sugar Dollars are acquired is by purchasing them for USD on the TitsRP Store. The exchange rate is $5 per 300 Sugar Dollars. However, there are a number of ways to obtain Sugar Dollars without spending any real-life money. These include:

  • Trading with other players using !trade.
  • 1 Sugar Dollar given to every online player on the top of every other hour.
  • 5 Sugar Dollars sometimes given when a player earns XP, at random. This can be increased to 15 Sugar Dollars with the “A Pretty Penny” Gang Talent.
  • 75 Sugar Dollars can be purchased from the quest shop for 20 quest tokens.
  • A random number of Sugar Dollars can be given as a quest reward.
  • 300 Sugar Dollars given to staff for reaching 100 Reputation. This is only ever given once per player, and is a replacement for the blue VIP tag regular players receive.

Sugar Balance

You can view your current Sugar Dollar balance on the HUD at the bottom left of your screen.

Sugar Dollars are displayed to the right of your DarkRP cash balance with a Green & Yellow icon.

Sugar Dollars cannot be pick-pocketed or stolen from you, unlike DarkRP cash

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