What are Sugar Dollars?

Sugar Dollars is a premium in-game currency. Sugar Dollars can be used to purchase almost anything in the server. Suga has a much higher value than DarkRP cash, so it is perfect for large player-to-player trades, Custom Classes and weapon & playermodel perms.

How do I get Sugar Dollars?

Sugar Dollars can earned for simply logging in the server, participating in gang-related content such as quests, and most recently, a reward for leveling your player up! You can also get Sugar Dollars by trading players for them, selling custom content on the CC Editor, or buying them on the TitsRP Shop.

Suga Balance

You can view your current Sugar Dollar balance on the HUD at the bottom left of your screen.

Sugar Dollars are displayed to the right of your DarkRP cash balance with a Green & Yellow icon.

Sugar Dollars cannot be pick-pocketed or stolen from you, unlike DarkRP cash

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