VIP includes the following perks and more:

  • Increased prop limit
  • 10+ jobs (exclusive to VIPs)
  • Access to the Advanced Duplicator tool
  • [VIP] tag next to your name in chat

The most popular ways of getting VIP are:

  • Purchasing VIP from Vinny the VIP Seller NPC
  • Having a friend who is a VIP buy you VIP for a reduced price
  • Earning a VIP tokens through regular gameplay
  • Buying VIP on the TitsRP Shop

Vinny the VIP Seller

Vinny the VIP Seller (pictured above) will sell you VIP for 5mil or 300 Sugar Dollars. If you already have VIP and meet certain player requirements, you can purchase VIP for your friends or even resell VIP for a profit at half the price.

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