A custom class is a player-owned job based off either the Thief class or a Civil Protection class. Players can customize the weapon loadout and playermodel. It has a custom name, color and two friend slots that players can customize. CCs won’t have special RP permissions.

Create your CC

You will need 5mil DarkRP or 300 Sugar Dollars to create your custom class.

you get started by visiting the CC Creator NPC at fountain.

Making Edits

Use the CC Editor NPC at fountain to make changes to your custom class.

Your class includes 2 friend slots which you can change here. You can also change class color, playermodel & loadouts.

Tip: It is not a good idea to sell permanent friend slots to your CC

CC Editor

Press E on the CC Editor NPC at fountain to access the CC editor menu. You can add friends as “editors” to your custom class and they will also be able to access this menu. Editors can change weapon loadouts and playermodels but cannot purchase any custom items.

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