Buying the Necessary Materials

Open the F4 menu. Purchase Tilling Plot & Shovel.

Hit Tilling Plot with Shovel to plow the soil.

Open F4 again and purchase 2 seeds.

Cocaine, Weed & Opium seeds are ILLEGAL. Olives are LEGAL do not require processing

Growing Drugs

Harvest Drugs

Press “E” on the fully grown plant to harvest the drug.

Press “Eon the harvest to extract Drug Material.

Purchase a Drug Processor and place Drug Material inside the processor until it’s completely filled.

Sell Processed Drugs

You can sell this processed drug to the drug buyer NPC for a profit.

You can sell olives to the Harvest Buyer NPC instead. He is near the Drug Buyer.

Right click the drug in your inventory and select “USE” and use your Grav-Gun to give it to the NPC. He will drop money.

Tip: The NPC can be hacked and your money can be rerouted to the hacker. You should contact a Security Specialist if you don’t receive your money.

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