You can join gangs with other players or create your own to unlock special features and abilities. This guide will cover the basics of how to create your own gang and some of the perks of doing so. Level up your gang by earning XP and doing quests. Each gang member’s XP gained will count towards leveling up so it’s important to fill your gang with players that are active and enjoy the grind.

  • Gain XP faster by joining a gang and working as a team
  • Each time you level up your gang will unlock a new Gang Perk
  • Every 10 levels your gang will unlock a new Gang Talent
  • You can declare war with rival gangs
  • Quests

Creating Your Gang

Visit the Gang Creator NPC at spawn

There are no requirements to creating a gang, as long as you have sufficient funds

Access your gang by typing !GangMenu in chat

Gang Perks

Gangs earn Perks each time they level up.
Below is a complete list of Gang Perks as of May 2020, starting at level one.

 Lumberjack = "You hit trees twice as hard"
 Lucky Miner = "You have a 15% chance to get an extra ore when mining"
 Extensive Research = "Weapon Modifying is $1000 less expensive"
 Respected Citizen = "Buying from the PD Screen is 50% cheaper " 
 Rookie Luck = "You have a 10% chance to re-route a hit on you" 
 No Returns = "Sell doors for 100% instead of 50%" 
 Speed Knockout = "Your individual kidnap timer decreases from 3 -> 2 Minutes. Doesn't apply to CC's"
 Struggle = "You can break out of cuffs 25% faster"
 Advanced Software = "Keypad Crackers crack 10% faster" 
 Clumped Experience = "As the Spirit Caller, the required xp pool is reduced to 75" 
 Stacked Nades = "As Smoke, all of your grenades last for an extra 3 seconds or are more powerful" 
 Crime Doesn't Pay = "When fining someone, their jail time will be extended by 1 minute if not paid"
 You Didn't See Anything = "You have a 50% chance to not trigger a bounty while killing someone" 
 Ez Pz = "You get one extra easy quest per week"
 I'm not ready yet! = "Your Mayor immune time is raised to 10 minutes" 
 Rigged Elections = "You get 2 extra votes immediately while running for Mayor" 
 Bronze Storage = "You gain 5 extra inventory slots"
 Quick Fish = "The amount of time to catch a fish has been reduced by 1 - 3 seconds" 
 Escape Artist = "You have a 5% chance to be immediately released from jail"
 Detective Skills = "Playing as a detective will show you where the killer is located" 
 The Fun Starts = "Unlock Gang Wars" 
 Found You! = "As the PD commander, you can see the player with the highest bounty on your screen" 
 Elastic Restraints = "As batman, your restrain time is increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds" 
 Jammer = "Your position is updated slower to the Bounty Hunter" 
 Pick Of Steel = "Your lockpick can no longer break" 
 Reinforcements = "Every door you buy is equipped with a door shield" 
 Big Stomach = "You can eat the pickup box for 60 seconds instead of 30" 
 Big Winnings = "When you pay for and win an event you get 4 tokens instead of 1" 
 Full Range = "You can use the PD menu without a range restriction" 
 Ahead of the Game = "You have a 20% chance to prevent a bounty hunter from hunting you" 
 Firefight Expert = "You can call a gang war every 3 hours instead of 6" 
 Charged Up = "Your hack power increases 30% faster"
 Farmer Joe = "You will get 1 more drugs while harvesting" 
 Strong Immune System = "You have a 30% higher chance to not get Coronavirus" 
 Billybob's Wish = "Entering the RDM zone gives you 200 of each ammo" 
 Silver Storage = "You gain 5 more extra inventory slots" 
 Tax Evasion = "You get taxed 50% less" 
 Barter = "Selling good that aren't weapons yield 2% more cash"
 Knowledge is Power = "You have a 10% higher chance to not get a common while enchanting" 
 Sweet Spot = "You have a 5% chance to get an extra chemical barrel when filling up" 
 Projectile Shark = "Attemping to bite someone as a shark will launch you in their direction" 
 Infused GMO = "Food stat time is increased by 50%" 
 Enhanced View = "As the infiltrator, your device's wallhack range is doubled" 
 Upgraded Protection = "Hackers have a chance to fail a hack on your machines" 
 Gold Storage = "You gain an extra 5 inventory slots" 
 Plentiful Feast = "When farming crops, you have a 20% chance to get another shipment"
 I Know a Guy = "Buying items from the PD screen is now free (excpet scratch offs)" 
 Enchanted Matrix = "You have a 2% chance to duplicate a gun while enchanting" 
 Knockout Babies = "As the pedophile, your babies now have a small chance to knock someone out for 5 seconds" 
 Second Hand Cure = "Drinking Bleach cures everyone around you" 
 Blue Blood = "In the water as a crab, you regenerate 20% health every 10 seconds and move faster" 
 Trained Pupper = "As the police K9, you spawn with an arrest baton and cuffs" 
 Big Spooks = "Master Stalker stalking effect is greatly increased + you regen armor" 
 Special Ingredient = "When making a potion, you have a 10% chance to create a random potion along with it" 
 Glimmer Of Hope = "Your props have a 1% chance to void a material grenade" 
 Freezer Food = "You have a 10% chance to duplicate food you just made" 
 ICU = "As Picolas Cage, you get a list of up to 3 people that you need to"
 Secret Recipe = "Potions with timers are extended by 25%" 
 Small Stash = "Heisting the PD Bank gives you 2 extra shipments" 
 Soul Keeper = "You have a 5% chance to keep all talismans on death" 
 Spook Central = "As the Master Stalker your stalking damage is increased by 100%" 
 Treasure Galore = "As the Treasure Hunter, you have 2 more treasure locations" 
 Platinum Storage = "Increase your bank slots by 5" 
 Hack The Hack = "You have a 10% chance to have your next hack as the Hacker cost nothing" 
 Numbing The Pain = " As the Police K9 your bite has a 30% chance to stun"
 Farmers Market = "As the Resturant Owner you can buy a food shipment in half of the time as normal" 
 Adventure Awaits = "Unlock an extra Medium Quest per week" 
 Steel Lined Grapple = "Batman's Grapple hook will pull you faster" 
 Amazon Minimum Wage = "Parcel Deliveries give you 50% more cash" 
 Unlock CC = "Unlock a gang CC" 

Gang Talents

All Purpose

These talents work with all jobs & classes

"Quick Sell" = "You can sell to the general buyer from your inventory"
"Masterful Farm" = "Chemical Barrels take 10 seconds less to farm + you have a chance to get more materials in ore and trees"
"Processor Dominance" = "Processors have a 70% chance to not lose battery per cycle"
"A Pretty Penny" = "You get 10 more Suga Dollas on earning them from Gang XP"
"Nice Guy" = "You can buy VIP for someone for 3 Mil instead of 5 mil"
"Fish Master" = "Your fish are usually more rare"
"Wide Awake" = "You are kidnapped for 10 less seconds & have a 4 minute longer cooldown"
"Good Ear" = "You hear an audible notification when lootboxes and dragon eggs spawn"
"Junk Launcher" = "You can use your gravity gun to punt most objects"

Thief Spec

These talents only work with Thief jobs and Custom Classes

"Extra Bullet" = "You have a 20% chance to not use a bullet on a shot"
"Blood Sucker" = "Your bullets have a 25% chance to restore 5 health on a hit"
"Precious Life" = "When you drop below 30 health you are instantly brought back up to max health (5 minute cooldown)"
"Two Is Better Than One" = "The more people around you while picklocking decreases picklock time + gives you a vision behind the door"
"Force Mug" = "When you mug a CC player, they will forcefully drop 3x the cash"
"Force Drop" = "Force a player on a CC to drop an item from their inventory when mugging them (100 minute cooldown)"
"Feather Hands" = "You can pickpocket people and take a random weapon they have"
"Dead Silence" = "Keypad crackers and lockpicks make significantly less sound"

Police Spec

These talents only work with Police jobs and classes

"Experienced Cop" = "Cuffing is instant now"
"Persuasive Fine" = "People attempt to pay their bounty if it's below $750"
"I Basically Live Here" = "Recall to PD immediately (5 miunte cooldown)"
"Free One" = "You spawn with a Sledgehammer, Healing Mist Grenade and Non Lethal Grenade"
"Slow Down" = "Your non lethal pistol slows for 90% more and hits 50% more and 50% longer"
"Instant Backup" = "Instantly teleport to a cop who needs backup 'or a random cop if none' (5 minute cooldown)"
"Steel Grade Cuffs" = "Cuffs cannot be broken out of unless time expires"
"Down But Not Out" = "When you take just enough fatal damage, you will be put into the wounded state to revive"
"Bad Boy Finder" = "You can use the bounty board to locate the top 2 bounties"

Misc Spec

These talents only work for all Weird jobs + Stupid jobs

"Morpher" = "Unlock the /size command (.5 - 1.5) does not change health or height"
"Slippery Snake" = "Your items cannot be hacked and you have a chance to slip out of cuffs"
"Wow" = "You spawn with the Doge Brick"
"Power Stomp" = "Jumping while in the air (25 feet high minimum) will force you to plow down to the ground immediately"
"Reinforced Legs" = "You don't take fall damage"
"Alter Gravity" = "You have halfed gravity"
"Where Is The Bathroom" = "You need to poop every so often. Your poop launches you"
"Pocket Sand" = "Kidnapping people blinds everyone around you and your victim and gives you a 8 second speed buff"
"Take the Pain" = "You are invulnerable to damage after kidnapping for 5 seconds"

Gang Wars

Open the Gang Menu by typing !gangMenu in chat.

At the top left you will see the option to Start War.

Clicking on this will open a list of all Gangs where the owner is online to start a war. The owner must be online to go to war.

Select a Gang to go to war with.

The Gang with the most kills with be declared the winner.
If you manage to kill the Gang owner, you automatically win the Gang War.

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