Useful Commands

E + RCarry your rifle in a holstered RP manner
!motd Brings up the server rules in-game
!thirdperson Toggle 3rd person view on/off
!whatccShows you what Custom Classes are available to you
/typeWrite a letter that people can sign
/demoteDemote abusive players from their job (for RP reasons)
!msChange your player model (only works on Custom Classes)
!bgMake visual modifications to your player model if your model supports bodygroups
!helpBrings up the client settings and a collection of helpful links. Settings to improve FPS
/slogsSee the server logs
!workshopOpens the workshop collection
!staffShows staff currently online
!forumclaimClaim your reward for joining our forums
/rollRoll a random number
!recoverRestore your items in the event the server crashes
!joineventJoin an event if one is currently active
!statsShows you current time played
!lawsDisplays current laws set by Mayor
!unstuckUse this if you’re stuck in a player or prop
/anonSpeak in anonymous chat
/sizeChange your player size (only works on weird/stupid jobs)
/invholsterInventory your current weapon
!gangmenuOpens the gang menu if you are in a gang
!levelOpens the player leveling menu

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