Players can add custom weapons to the server. They can use them on their CC and have the option to sell permissions to other players for access. This document will list some of the requirements of adding a weapon as well as the limitations. CC weapons do not offer any roleplay advantage over regular weapons and are strictly for fun / cosmetics.


To add a weapon you will need your own Custom Class. You will not be able to manage permissions or even access your weapon unless you either have your own class or have editor permissions to your friend’s class. For information on Custom Classes and how to get yours, click here.


Adding a custom weapon or playermodel is not recommended unless money is no object to you. The price of a custom weapon is based on file size. Contact a Superadmin on Discord for details.


Your model may be denied if the file size is too large, if it requires additional resources, or if it’s too small. As this is a roleplay server, small models tend to have small hitboxes.

About Reskins

All custom weapons added will be “reskins” of current Counter Strike weapons on the server. This is to prevent any roleplay advantage over regular weapons which everyone else can aquire.

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