The Player Leveling System was introduced to the server to provide players who are not in a gang an opportunity to progress their character and unlock special perks and talents. If you are looking for gang related info or how to level up your gang, see Gangs. This guide will cover the basics of the Player Leveling System: How to level up and the benefits of leveling up.

Type !level in chat to open the Player Leveling Menu. This menu will display your active Perks and Talents that are available to you. For more chat commands, see Useful Commands.

Leveling Up

Players can level up by gaining XP. Before, players could only earn XP if they were in a gang. Now with the introduction of the new Leveling System, XP can be earned in countless ways by everyone! Some of the most common ways of earning XP are:

  • Roleplay Jobs
  • Events
  • Fishing
  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Cooking

There are so many ways to earn XP that it’s too many to list them all here. Basically, anything you do in the server will earn you XP, whether or not you are in a gang!


You will earn one Perk per level-up. You can view your currently active Perks by typing !level in chat. These Perks are designed to enhance Roleplay for experienced players looking for even greater rewards for their labors.

New Perks will be added often so for the most up-to-date information visit the Leveling Menu in game by typing !level in chat

At level one you will start with the perk “Another Man’s Treasure”. This perk enables the ability to dig through dumpsters around the map for garbage which can be sold for a profit.

As of this post, the maximum player level is 40. This is not to be confused with Gang leveling, which has a maximum level cap of 70. There are plans to add more levels and Perks in a future update!


Talents are a bit different from Perks as they must be chosen by the player and cost Talent Points. Players will earn Talent Points simply by leveling up. In the Talents tab of the leveling menu you will see a list of available Talents and their cost in Talent Points. Your available points will be displayed at the top of the menu, as well as an option to Reroll all your Talent Points so that you can use them to activate different Talents. Rerolling will remove all your currently active Talents.

Access the menu by clicking the Talents tab

Talents available to you will be based on the number of Points you have. You can start with 1-point Talents like I did, or you can save up for more valuable ones. Remember, you can reroll Talents at any time. Your active Talents will be displayed in green.

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