Farming metal or wood are quick and easy ways to earn money. Each time you successfully mine a rock you get Metal. Chopping trees will give you Wood. Metal and Wood are resources which can either be sold for a profit or used in the Crafting Table to create useful items.

Required Tools

Open the F4 menu and go to the Entities tab.

You will need to purchase the following to mine rocks and/or harvest wood:

  • Pickaxe
  • Axe

Optional resources:

  • Quick Farm Talisman (automatically puts resources into your inventory)
  • Rare Finder Talisman (increases the chance you will find Rare Oak or Gems)

Rare Oak and Gems are random drops from farming either rocks or trees and are more valuable than regular metal or wood. They are required to craft more valuable items.

Locate Rocks / Trees

To mine Metal, equip your Pickaxe and find a rock. To harvest Wood, equip your Axe and find a tree. LMB to swing your tools. If you use a Quick Farm Talisman, the materials will go directly to your inventory, otherwise they will drop on the ground and you need to pick them up.

Farming metal and wood is a great way to earn XP and requires little effort to get started

Once you have collected enough Wood or Metal, sell them to the General Buyer NPC or trade to another player for a profit. To increase your profits further, save your Wood & Metal for crafting to make more valuable tools, entities and upgrades.

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