You are a master manufacturer of methamphetamine.
Produce and deliver the illegal narcotic to the drop-off point for a hefty profit. Join the job through the F4 menu to get started.

Required Entities

You will need to acquire the following entities from the F4 menu:

  • Combiner
  • Freezer
  • Transport Crate
  • Gas Filter (optional)

You also need Methylamin & Aluminum but the amount varies, save those for the next step.

Cooking Meth

Using the display on the Combiner as reference, add the required amount of the correct chemical to the Combiner by dropping them in from the top.

For example, it says I need three Methylamin. I will purchase three of those in the F4 menu and dump them into the port on the top of the Combiner.

Continue to follow instructions on the Combiner Display to add chemicals when necessary.

After some time, your Combiner will start to “cook” and it will release toxic gases.

Add the Gas Filter to where you added the chemicals to stop the release of the toxic gasses.

Press E on the filter to remove it.

Freeze Meth

Once your meth is finishing cooking you will need the Freezer to convert it to usable entity. Press E on your freezer to eject the trays. Place them on the end of the Combiner and start collecting the meth.

The meth needs to be chilled so put the filled trays back into the freezer.

The meth will emit a blue glow and mist while it’s in the freezing process. Once the meth is chilled in the freezer, press E again to eject the trays of meth. One at the time press E on the trays to bust up the meth into rocks/bags.

Prepare For Transport

Drop the individual bags of meth into the transport crate until it’s completely filled and the lid closes up. Press E to inventory the full crate.
You’re now prepared to deliver meth to the drop-off point.

Delivery + Profit

Locate a meth buyer NPC and he will give you a “drop point” where you can deliver your meth for a profit.

If you don’t make it to the drop point in time you can run back to the meth buyer and he will give you another drop.

There is a time limit to reach the drop-off point so be quick!

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