Mr. Bones is a ‘citizen’ job that can be found under the citizen job category. Mr. Bones has a unique play-style as he is the only job who is UNABLE to use voice chat.

While you play as Mr. Bones, your identity will remain a secret (unless you kill someone, which will show your name in logs and the kill feed) meaning that people cannot immediately tell who you are. As Mr. Bones, your role is to prevent kidnappings, you do this by simply standing near people whom you think may be endangered of getting kidnapped and when someone does try to kidnap you or the people you’re standing around, the kidnapper will instead kidnap himself, giving everyone in the area the chance to equip weapons and fight back.


Mr. Bones is unable to speak, and must instead resort to using a text-to-speech voice, which is automatically activated whenever he types in chat. Mr. Bones is unable to equip weapons, other than the enchanted Half-Life 2 .357 Revolver he is given (this is to increase the speed of his attacks). Mr. Bones has access to new perks and talents through the player leveling system (!level) but NOT the gang leveling system, as Mr. Bones was added to the game AFTER that update had released.

Mr. Bones is UNABLE to call for an admin directly through the ticket system, instead he must find an admin and speak to him through chat.

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