Weapon enchanting allows players to give their weapons a boost in stats and special abilities at a price. The game mechanic goes hand-in-hand with the Weapon Enchanter job.

Enchanting weapons may seem confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it it can become a viable money making method.

To begin a player must become the Weapon Modifier job. Players must then purchase a Weapon Forge used to enchant the weapon for $1000. Upon purchasing a weapon forge a player will be told that it requires 2 blood, a weapon to enchant, 2 chemicals and $5000 ($4000 if the modifier is a part of a gang that has the Extensive Research gang perk).



There are two methods to obtaining the blood needed. Weapon Modifiers come equipped with a Blood Extractor which will take 1 blood from a fully healed player, including the weapon modifier himself. The alternative method to obtaining blood is to purchase it from a Medic at the base price of $500 per blood.

Chemical Barrels

The weapon modifier also requires two Chemical Barrels for the enchanting to work. You can get Chemical Barrels by farming Chemical Hoses, which spawn randomly around the map. Spawn a empty barrel from the F4 menu and attach it to the chemical hose to fill it. Once it’s full you can inventory it.

Forging Weapons

Once all needed items are obtained and dropped into the forge (including a weapon to be enchanted) the modifier must press “E” and the weapon will begin to be enchanted.

Rarity of Enchanted Weapons

Weapon Rarity$ Selling Price $

Enchanted weapons will have a chance to be a Common enchant (Grey), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange).

Enchanted weapons have the chance to receive an increased damage stat, a decreased recoil stat, an increased fire-rate stat and an increase clip stat.

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