Master Swords ( also known as ‘jump sweps’ ) are the primary method that established players use to move around the map quickly, as such it holds a very powerful place in the server’s meta. The sword’s primary function is to help maneuvering around the map quicker and more efficient. This function can be activated through your secondary fire key ( LMB by default ). The sword also has a ‘melee’ function by pressing primary fire key ( RMB ). The melee attack however isn’t very powerful and should only be used if you have no other available options for offense or defense.

Master Swords can help you reach normally unavailable locations like rooftops and windows with relative ease and when used can drastically speed up your horizontal velocity.


Due to the widespread use of jump sweps in the current meta, you’ll most likely come across a sword being used by a player with a custom class. Jump sweps are one of the most popular items you can add to your CC. They can also be obtained through processors, by winning events or the RDM zone, lootboxes and even the ‘!unbox’ menu.

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