The Weapon Modifier is a merchant class that allows players to enchant their weapons and to collect blood that is used for enchanting. The job may be used by anyone as it is a non-vip job with 3 available slots. The Weapon Modifier is the ONLY job that can purchase an enchantment table; the station used to enchant items. It is also the only job able to directly collect blood from another player using a Blood Extractor.

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Boost stats and add special abilities to weapons

To enchant a weapon, you must first spawn yourself an enchantment table, which can be found within the ‘Entities‘ tab in the F4 menu.

You CAN move this entity with your physgun so if you don’t like the location where it spawned feel free to move it. (keep in mind other players CAN interact with your enchantment table, so keep it safe around only those that you trust)

After you have spawned yourself an enchantment table, you’ll need to collect yourself some blood, because Sugar is demonic and demands a blood sacrifice, you cannot enchant a weapon without it! (you can see the requirements by looking at the front of the table). There are two ways to collect blood, the first way is to equip your Blood Extractor swep and secondary fire (you must be at full health) to prick your own blood. Doing so will drop you down to 1HP however you will now have 1-2 blood ready to use. The second way is to prick another player, to do this simply walk up to another player and primary fire while directly facing them with your needle swep out which will drop 1-3 blood.

Pricking another player is considered an attack on their life, which will likely cause them to retaliate. Pricking someone without permission does permit them to kill you.

Once either you or another player has dropped blood, simply use your inventory swep to invholster the blood, take it back to your base and drop it into your enchantment table.

You will also need FILLED chemical barrels and $5,000 to enchant a weapon.
You need a minimum of two filled barrels.

Putting more than two filled barrels into the table will increase the chance to get better stats

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