This guide is for server Moderators and Administrators that have been granted Moderator permissions on the forums. We will cover basic moderator commands, tools & features and serve as a quick reference guide for forum moderators.

Basic Commands

Topics / Threads

Inside a thread, moderators will see this button titled “Moderation Actions”.
This is how you will manage topics or “threads”.

Inside the Moderation Actions you will find the following commands:

HideHide or “soft delete” the topic so that it is only visible to Mods and Admins.
LockLock the topic so no one can reply to it.
MoveRelocate the topic to a different forum.
DeleteDelete the topic and all replies permanently. (Only visible to SMod+)
Add MessageAppend a message to the original post as a Moderator that is visible to everyone but seperate from the original content.
Moderation HistoryShow a history of moderator actions on the topic. For example, use this to check to see who locked the thread or who moved it to a new forum.

Multiple Topics / Replies

You can manage multiple topics or replies to a topic all at once by ticking a checkbox next to each post you want to manage. A toolbar will appear at the bottom which will allow you to hide / unhide or delete multiple topics or replies at once.

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