What is Gametracker?

GameTracker is a website for gamers that displays game server statistics, player stats such as total score and recent activity. Game Tracker records detailed statistics on our our server and the players that are connected.

Why is Gametracker important?

If you are going to apply for Staff you may be asked to provide your Gametracker account. This data shows us how long you have played on the server and up to 30 days of recent activity. Because there are certain requirements to become staff such as being a member for a certain length of time & being active, we use this data to decide whether or not you will be a good fit for the team.

How do I find my own Gametracker?

There are two ways to locate your stats: by clicking a link on your Forums profile, or going to the TitsRP Gametracker, scrolling down to VIEW ALL PLAYERS & STATS and searching for your in-game name.

We will attempt to locate your Gametracker by using your Forums username. If this username is the same as your in-game name then you will be able to look up your own Gametracker by clicking this button on your profile.

How do I get my Player Time?

If you are asked to provide your Gametracker stats for a Staff application, this is the information you will need to show you are active on the server.

The Player Score is not super important but it won’t hurt to include it. What we are looking for is your Player Time – Minutes Played. This information shows you how long you have been on the server per day.

For a Staff application please provide us your Player Time sorted by the last 30 days.

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