In this article you will learn how the big boys do it, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls of basing like a total noober.

Nested/Layered One Ways

Like an onion, good bases have layers. When making your layers it is important that you only make the prop closest to the inside of your base the models/props_combine/tprings_globe material.

Below is an image of how to not build layered one way props.


This is the proper way to build layered one ways. Notice how you can see clearly through to the far wall.

RIGHT! This is how you do it! Provides a clear view through the props.

Reinforced One Ways

Remember the golden rule of fences. They block vision. They don’t really block players. A single material nade/bomb will destroy your fences, so do not rely on them to block players from entering your base.

Use steel sliders/beams/whatever to reinforce those fences and make them stand up to material grenades!

These will prevent entry from other players, even if your fences are destroyed with material grenades. Remember, thinner props are better so that you can shoot off C4 that is placed on them!

Annoying Slider Floor

This is a criminally underused technique. Use some slider props from the Solid Steel category, and build a floor out of them. Space them 32 units apart with the Stacker tool, then make them invisible. This will create a slippery, slidey floor that will confuse and disorient any would be raiders. (Only use this when you still have a lot of props left after finishing the base design)

Example of this technique in action. More effective than you’d think!

No-Collided Cover

Right where you plan to defend your base, you should have a large, flat prop that you set to a transparent material and move in and out of during gunfights. This will both defend your entities behind you from being hit with stray bullets, and offer you an easy way to run away if the raiders land a lucky shot.

What it should look like.

What it looks like, all put together.

If you apply all of these techniques, you should end up with something like this.

Without materials.
With materials, back view
Side view.
Front view after being hit with a material grenade.

Basing With Combine Fences

There is a second way to build when it comes to one ways, which adds more visibility towards the design when defending against a raid.

It’s used in multiple designs and it’s the most popular prop when it comes to decal based – one ways.

So lets start of simply, what is a “decal one-way”. A decal one-way is a prop which part of the prop has a decal, decals, when given a non-transparent material, completely block vision on one side, with the other being completely transparent.

There are a lot of props that have decals, but there are very few that are useful when it comes towards building. For example, a lot of the props that have decals block bullets, because it isn’t only a decal, it also uses a collider making it function as a sort of barrier. These can be useful in some cases, but not for making one ways to shoot from.

How To Use Combine Fences

After creating the general frame of your build, it will be time for one-ways. This is when you put down your combine fences, this exact prop name is “combine_fence01b” the other version of the combine fence “combine_fence01a” is blacklisted so you can’t use that version. You can also find this prop within “construction props” which is the easier way to find it.

32939764078F7CD1C6BC9386252626AEF8E1BDF8 (1920×1080)
Picture Of A Combine Fence

The side where the little spikes are sticking out is the side which will become the side that can’t be seen through. Simply material it to whatever you want and you get a one way.

Using combine fences for one ways gets rid of the annoying red waves pattern (or whatever you use) that you’d have to be looking through which would distort the player you’re shooting, as well as block off any props that might get in your way when shooting your target.

When using combine fences you would need to make the fences you place for the frame transparent, as not doing so would obscure your vision of the raider.

For easy view of the raider, instead of a normal no collide prop that you have in the back for protection from gunfire, make that prop have a material like the red waves mat (model/props_combine/tprings_globe), and making every prop world glowed. Doing so would make your build completely see through for you when on the other side of the wall, giving an easy view to any pesky raiders.

Here is a picture of a base design that uses combine fences.

A2D8A2C1896E8E9F8CE4A811E70DD291CBB94207 (1920×1080)
Defender View Behind No-Collide Wall
AC9AAA798407AF2986CF382BB5712930703C7CD4 (1920×1080)
Defender View When Shooting
2B52EBB504A86A2A90BD46F4D789535E25DE9FBA (1920×1080)
Side View
2786B5BB10C60AA76EC0C1B6D52C1AC48078DD70 (1920×1080)
Raider View

Pros / Cons Of Using Combine Fences

Combine fences aren’t perfect, they’re pretty small when compared to fences and you’d need to use a good amount more to fit a base. The combine fence can also be destroyed completely via material grenades / bombs.

Fences, though distort a bit when used for one-ways, are easier to use and are pretty large, easily taking up larger spaces, it also doesn’t allow the raider to know exactly how large the entrance of your base is, which can be a pretty powerful tool in some cases.

But combine fences give such extreme visibility to the defender, and also makes the base design look better on both the defenders side and on the raiders / viewer side.


Fences / combine fences really come down to personal preference. Using fences lowers the prop count of your base design, while combine fences add more look and appeal to the design.

If you are fine with the distorted look of fences for one-ways, go ahead and use them. If you want your design to have a little design features, use combine fences.

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