The Restaurant Owner is a non-vip class that allows the player to create unique player altering foods. Many meta conforming players like to use food from this job to give them the upper edge in raids, gunfights, or bounties they’re chasing after. Many players also use this class for the common aspect of Restaurant roleplay. At this time, this is the only class that is able to spawn a stove and cook food.

To do this, they must spawn a stove from the contextual F4 menu. To get food for the stove to properly function, they can utilize the button located on top of the stove labeled, “Buy From Supplier“. This button will cost $1000 and will provide 1 Food Shipment. Best way to add it to the stove is to pick it up with the gravity gun and press it directly into the stove. If done correctly, a menu on the right side of the stove will appear showing the ingredients it currently has as well as quantity.

To begin cooking, you must select, “Menu” on the surface of the stove. This will bring up a menu that appears daunting at first, but is actually very simple when basic mechanics are learned. The first thing to do is to hit “Create Food” on the top left of the menu. This will show the food building portion of the job. Before adding ingredients randomly, first select a base, since all food created requires one. It could be a plate, pot, or any of the food items available to you. Please keep in mind you can create recipes for ingredients you currently don’t have, so looking back and forth between the menu and the ingredient list will help you.

Now that there is a base, click any one of the ingredient’s picture you desire to add to the dish. You can add multiples of one item if you wish. A new menu will pop up on the bottom right called “Edit Food“. To get the ingredient on the plate, simply click and hold on the ingredient’s picture and drag over onto the plate and position it to where you want it. You can grab the ingredient in this state too. For fine tuning the position, scroll down the menu on the bottom right for the “Set Position” options. From there, you can change its axis, plane, and rotation, as well as its size!

Once you are satisfied with your monstrous creation, hit the “Create Recipe” button on the bottom right of the menu. It will then prompt you with another menu asking, “What do you want to call this?” as well as what the recipe’s ingredients it will require if you want to make it in the future. Name your new recipe and select, “OK“. Congratulations, you just made your first of many to come recipes!

To now make your new recipe, hit the “Recepies” tab at the top of the menu. (This is a misspelling from the developer which will undoubtedly become fixed one this wiki is posted.) You must then select your recipe and it will as you to either “Set to make” or “Edit Recipe“. Hit the first option and it will close your menu and new buttons will appear on the face of the stove. These buttons are “Craft One” and “Craft All“. Craft One will only use the required ingredients to craft only one of the recipe. Craft All will use all ingredients required for the dish to make multiple of them all at once. You are now on your way to making food that can blind someone, make them vomit intensely, or give them armor! There are multiple effects with different ingredients combined, so mix and match to your heart’s content to find that perfect dish!

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