The Bird is a ‘Stupid’ job whose main purpose is to annoy people and cause general mayhem. The Bird uses the seagull model from half-life 2 and has the ability to fly and poop on people.

The Bird job is unable to attack or deal damage of any kind and must resort to flying away to protect himself. Pooping on people is the Bird’s main purpose which gives you money and a lot of XP. A player who has been pooped on will see “the bird pooped on me I should kill him!!!” appear on their screen, encouraging them to kill the Bird, this is because Birds are considered to be KOS (kill on sight) if they poop on someone. The Bird is also able to squawk at people, though it doesn’t have much use other than annoying someone.


The controls for the Bird job are a bit complicated to remember since it’s the ONLY job which can freely fly at will, however if you ever forget the controls will occasionally appear when in an idle position. (You may need to go into thirdperson to see this however).

The Controls are as follows:

[Mouse 1] + [Jump] = Activate Flight

[Mouse 2] (on ground) = Poop

[Mouse 2] (during flight) = Poop-Bomb (you poop 10 times instead of once)

[Space] (during flight) = Fly Upwards

[E / CTRL] = Cancel Flight

[R] = Squawk


As a Bird, the key to maximize your XP and cash gain is to try to poop on people who are either in groups or are less likely to attack back before you can get away, as you’re not guaranteed to be able to get XP and cash from a pooping. The most effective strategy is to fly-by people below you and use the Poop-Bomb ability to hit multiple people.

Every person hit by poop gives you 4 points of XP and a random amount of cash (it seems to range between 1000$ to 5000$). A person who is hit by bird poop will also usually emanate brown sludge off of their character as well as cry out “Look out below!”. There is a slight cooldown on your ability to poop so you’ll want to be flying when pooping to maximize the potential XP when flying over a group, however you can also simply stand on someone’s head and poop if need be.

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