Fishing is a gameplay mechanic that allows you to catch rare fish, weapons or items from a suitable body of water.

Choosing Your Rod:

To fish you’ll need one of the 3 fishing rods attainable in-game:

  • Fishing Rod – Can be bought for $500 at the beach. Has no special effects.
  • Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod – Attained via the crafting bench for 20 Metal and 2 Chemicals. Will only catch things that are not fish.
  • Quick Fish Pole – Attained via the crafting bench for 20 Wood and 15 Metal after unlocking the crafting recipe at Player Level 30 . Successful catches are inventoried immediately meaning you don’t have to reel it in. Only works on catches that are fish.

Catching A Fish:

Once you have your rod, head to a large body of water (ocean, sewers, fountain, kings land pool) and press (LMB) to cast your bobber. The bobber will be red, and once it turns green it means you have a catch! Once this happens, use (RMB) to hook the fish. Use (R) to reel it in and press (E) to inventory your catch. Easy!

For more information on catching a fish, visit the Fishing Trainer at located at the beach area for more information.

Catchable Fish:

Species:Sell Price:
Parrot Fish$32,000
Tiger Fish$18,000
Mako Shark$15,000
Thresher Shark$15,000
Angry Tiger Fish$14,000
Guitar Fish$10,000
Poop Fish$6,500
Hump Fish$6,000
Sheep Head$1,250
Angel Fish$400
List may be updated as fish are added.

Fishing-Related Perks/Talents:

There are some perks and talents from gang and player levelling that can provide a bonus to those wanting to fish:

  • Quick FishGang Level 18 Perk – Reduces fishing time by 1-3 seconds
  • Fish MasterGang Talent – “Your fish are usually more rare.”
  • Fishing BuddyPlayer Talent (4) – Fishing with another player with this talent will result in rarer fish.
  • Fresh BaitPlayer Talent (5) – Fishing in a Fishing Circle will result in 6-10 of that fish.
  • Crafting Plan: Quick RodPlayer Perk (level 30) – Unlocks the Quick Rod for crafting.

Fishing Circles:

You can rarely find a fishing circle in the ocean. These are green rings on the surface of the water, with the name of a fish hovering above the ring. This indicates the type of fish you’re guaranteed to catch if you fish in this circle. If you have the Fresh Bait player talent you’ll get a large amount of these fish from the circle. You can catch fish inside a fishing circle up to 2 times.

Tips For Fishermen:

  • Watch out for crabs! They’ll cut your fishing lines!
  • You can use a Quick Fish talisman to re-create the effect of the Quick Fish Rod if you can’t craft one.
  • Some Fish like the Mantaray are worth a decent sum of money! Catching 6-10 of these in a fishing circle would be very quick cash..
  • You’ll often fish up something that isn’t a fish. Don’t be discouraged if you’re catching a lot of printer reduxers or door shields! People should litter less..

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