The Buddy System

The buddy system allows you, your friends and anyone else to give other players the ability to move and interact with YOUR props. This can be used to build bases, roleplay and much more.

To start, you’re first going to want to hold ‘Q’ to open up your spawn menu, then on the right under the ‘Utilities’ tab you will find a section called PatchProtect. It is within the PatchProtect section that you’ll find the ‘Buddy’ section, where you can give people permission to edit your props. There are some other options in the PatchProtect category as-well, but those are mostly for the super admins. Once you’re inside of the ‘Buddy’ section, simply find the player you want to give permission and enable the box on the right of their name.

Video Tutorial

Here is a video created by {GN} Isaac that shows how the Buddy System works!

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