What is “rep”?

Reputation or “rep” is an in-game mechanic where players can award each other for good behavior. It’s basically a way to say, “hey man, I you’re a good guy and I appreciate you”. Additionally, players can negatively rep each other in-game.

Why have I been -1 repped?

You could be negatively repped for many reasons. Maybe you RDMed someone, or called someone a stinky name in voice chat. Since rep is player-to-player there are endless reasons why you could have been -1 repped.

What are the perks of having a positive reputation?

There are many perks to having a positive reputation on the server. Aside from being respected by the community, you may be awarded with some “perks” that other players do not have. Some of these “perks” include:

  • Increased XP gain
  • Increased daily XP cap
  • Free Sugar Dollars
  • Custom in-game chat tag
  • Free playermodels
  • More super secret perks

What happens if I have gained a massively negative rep?

Getting negatively repped is not something you should look forward to.

Is it possible to get false rep removed?

It is possible to have false rep removed. False rep are generally reps that contain no reason, or reasons such as “gay” or “reeeeeee”. You can request an Admin remove your false rep by contacting one in-game or filling out this template on the forums.

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