Custom Content

What is Custom Content?

You might have seen the option “Purchase / Manage Custom Items” in the CC editor. This is content that other players have added to the server for use on their own custom class. If you have ownership perms of a model or weapon you might choose to keep it private so only you can use it or you can list it for sale on the CC editor. These purchases by other players go straight to your in-game wallet.

How do I get my own custom content?

All custom content including playermodels, sweps & weapons can be purchased using PayPal.
Contact Rubik on Discord (Rubik#7711) or the Community Forums to discuss this further.

How much does it cost to add custom content?

All custom content is priced according to file size. This includes playermodels, sweps, weapons, etc. Once you upload your content to the Steam Workshop you will be able to view it’s actual file size to the right of the image gallery (ex. The file size for the Airpods SWEP is listed as 0.584 MB).

NOTE: As of January 21st, 2020 Steam has changed the way file sizes are displayed on the workshop. Although the actual file size is the same, content uploaded after January 21st will no longer show its “compressed” size but instead the raw / uncompressed size. We’ve included the pricing structure for models before and after January 21st, 2020 for reference. Models that have not been updated since January 21st will still show the “compressed” size.

All Custom Content

$30/per 2MB — Compressed / Content uploaded before January 21st, 2020

$30/per 7MB — Uncompressed / Content uploaded after January 21st, 2020

What are the limitations for what I can add?

You cannot add:

  • Any swep or weapon that provide an unfair roleplay advantage (ex. teleportation sweps, weapons that deal 500 damage, ESP sweps, etc)
  • Models that contain nudity or models with bodygroups that allow you to remove the clothing to show bare skin


Models that are small or have “broken” hitboxes may be automatically blacklisted from raiding and participating in revolts. They might also have a reduced max HP and reduced damage due to size. If this is a concern of yours be sure to let me know before you pay. Use the default HL2 Citizen playermodel as a reference for proper height and good hitboxes.


Custom weapons are purely cosmetic and are “reskins” of weapons that are already in the sever. For example, if you wanted to add a heal swep, your swep will only heal as fast as the default HL2 medkit.
This is to ensure player-owned custom content does not provide any roleplay advantage over what’s available to new players or players without a Custom Class.

Custom Class

What is a Custom Class?

A custom class is a player-owned job based off either the Thief class or a Civil Protection class. Players can customize the weapon loadout and playermodel. It has a custom name, color and two friend slots that players can customize. CCs won’t have special RP permissions.

How can I obtain a Custom Class?

You can earn or buy enough cash to create a custom class using the CC Creator NPC at fountain.

Can I add my friends to my custom class?

Yes, custom classes come with 2 extra slots for friends. You can add or remove friends using the CC Editor NPC at fountain. You can even make a friend an editor of your custom class. You cannot exceed this 2 slot limit.

What is a custom playermodel?

A custom model is a playermodel that can be purchased and added to your Custom Class. You must provide the model and submit it to Rubik to be added. There is a cost to add a playermodel to your CC.

What is a custom weapon?

A custom weapon is provided by the player and can be added to your custom class for a fee. All custom weapons will be changed onto the CSS weapon base. This means that all custom weapons will act like CSS weapons. They will have their stats except with a different model. This prevents you from “dominating” the game.

How long does it take to get my Custom Class?

You can create a Custom Class instantly in-game using the CC Creator NPC at fountain.
The cost is 5mil or 300 Suga Dollars.

Can I change / add stuff to my Custom Class after it has been purchased?

Yes! You can add, remove and swap weapons “slots”. Each slot can be purchased from the CC editor using DarkRP cash or Sugar Dollars.


What do you accept?

We have a Donation Shop and it accepts PayPal.

I got banned 6 months ago and I hate this server. Can I get my money back?

No, we don’t have any way to refund you.

What happens if I chargeback?

You will be exiled forever.

I didn’t receive my purchase on the donation shop!

Contact a Superadmin on Discord and they will investigate! Sometimes PayPal can place a hold on your funds for various reasons. Most commonly this is the case.

How do I cancel monthly supporter subscription?

If you no longer want to subscribe to monthly Supporter, it’s easy to cancel your subscription via PayPal. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Settings near the top of the page.
  3. Click Payments.
  4. Click Manage pre-approved payments.
  5. Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you should contact Sugar Tits directly to cancel the agreement. His email is [email protected]


How can I appeal a warn or ban?

You can appeal a warn or a ban on our forums using the following link

What is the best way to contact staff?

You can contact Staff on the forums, Discord or in-game. Moderators have either a purple or pink name, Admins have blue names and Superadmins are red.

Can I apply for staff?

Yes, applications for staff are always open! You can apply on our forums.

Who are the current server Owner(s)

TitsRP currently has three ‘superadmins’ who are all in-charge of managing different aspects of the server. These players include Doc McStubbins, Rubik and Sugar Tits.


Why am I lagging super hard?

That shouldn’t happen. Let’s look at the difference reasons why you would be experiencing poor performance and how to fix them! Search “Poor Performance” on the Knowledge Base for more information.

I keep crashing. Please help me!

For information related to poor performance and crashing search “crashing”.

I am seeing flickering/glitchy shadows while in-game

We’re not entirely sure why this issue occurs, but it may be caused by a poorly optimized playermodel or swep. A temporary solution is to set your shadow detail to LOW in graphics settings or quickly disable shadows entirely by entering r_shadows 0 into the console (note: this will not persist on relog. For a long-term fix, set shadows to LOW)

I found a glitch and/or exploit

Please report it on the forums in the Bugs / Exploits section and Rubik/Sugar will look into patching it IF they can replicate it.

However, abusing an exploit is against the servers rules and can lead to serious consequences, also, just because you reported it doesn’t make it ok to use.